We stock a variety of ‘point of lay’ hybrids at both our Bedfordshire and Norfolk sites. In addition, at our Bedfordshire site only, we breed and hatch a range of pure and rare breed chickens and poultry as well as stocking ducks and geese.. contact us for our current availability

Lohmans Chicken

Lohmanns are a great bird if you are just starting. They’re very inquisitive, incredibly friendly and can often lay in excess of 300 eggs in a year

White Star Chiken

A smaller hybrid, the unique feature of White Star are their pure white eggs. They’re great layers though a little flighty, so best suited to the more experienced poultry keeper!

Pekins Chicken

Pekin bantams are a compact breed of Chinese origin- although they lay less than many other breeds, they become tame relatively easily and make great pets!

Light Sussex Chicken

A hybrid version of the traditional English breed- large in both size and personality, Light Sussex hybrids lay 260+ eggs per year

Speckledy Chicken

Speckledys are a medium sized, docile breed. Similar in looks to the Cuckoo Maran pure breed. Speckledy hybrids tend to lay dark brown eggs.

Silver Link Chicken

Also known as Amber Star/Amber Link, our Silver Link pullets are a medium sized, docile hybrid, laying around 300 eggs a year.