Chicken accessories and feeds, Bedford and Norfolk

We have in stock a variety of Marriages feeds, feeders and drinkers, bedding, plus a wide range of poultry healthcare products for your chickens. With many years of experience in keeping chickens and poultry, the Cock and Pullet team are happy to advise the most appropriate products for your birds to help keep them in tip top condition!

Feeds & Bedding

We believe the key to happy & healthy chickens is a comfortable home & quality feed… We stock Beddown bedding for a warm & hygenic coop and ‘Marriages’ feeds for a nutricious & balanced diet…

In stock now: Layers pellets/mash, growers feed, oyster shell/flint grit, mixed corn, ‘Hentastic’ brand poultry treats, mealworms

Feeders & Drinkers

We stock a variety of galvanised & plastic feeders & drinkers in various sizes, so no matter how many beaks there are to feed, we’re sure to have the one thats right for your chickens!

A Healthy Flock

We stock a variety of poultry healthcare products including ‘Smite’ mite/louse powder & liquid concentrates, ‘Verm-X’ and Poultry Spice/Drink to name a few, as well as offering our advice and expertise to set-up & maintain your poultry whether starting out or just needing a little support…


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